Best Way to Travel in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is one of the most developed and populated cities of Pakistan. It is among the top three most talked about cities in Punjab. Rawalpindi is right next to capital Islamabad hence; both of the cities are known as twin cities. Rawalpindi is a must visit city as you travel to Pakistan from abroad or within. This city is hub of cultural activity and economic development in region

People from within and outside Pakistan travel to Rawalpindi for several reasons: some merely travel for enjoying this thriving and growing place while other travel for many business reasons. When you are in Rawalpindi, you will realize that the distances from one place to another are very long. Even the airport is located at around 40 minute on car from the town center and the time can get even longer if you are commuting in the rush hours. Many of the housing societies are located at the edges of the city as Rawalpindi experienced an expanded and horizontal growth over the last decade. So, no matter what is the reason for you being in there, commutation is big problem.

Local transport is not in a good shape and reaching to bus stops is a huge problem as they are not only far away from the airport but are also very congested. Same is the case with the taxi services as they are available in markets and in crowded areas but they are not available as you travel to the corners of the city and somewhere away from the market area. Finding good-conditioned taxis and negotiating rates with drivers can also get very tiresome and tricky.

But this problem is solved with AGM Car Rental Services and we provide you excellent and exceptional service for your travelling needs in this developing and thriving metropolitan of Pakistan. Car Rental facilities in Rawalpindi is the best and most reliable mode of commuting from one place to another whether you travel in the city from within or outside Pakistan.

Rent-a-car services

provided by AGM Car Rentals are only a matter of phone call away. All you need to do is to make and reserve a call for your service. Our rental car will be there on time to pick you up from the airport and will take you wherever you want. Along with that we ensure your safety with reliable drivers and perfect vehicles at reasonable rates. All you need to do is to call your rental car to pick you from wherever you want and it will take you around the city allowing you to comfortably travel everywhere. Whether you want to go on a city tour or you want to visit you relatives living in far off housing societies, your rental car will conveniently be there for you to meet your travel needs.

Let us guide you through the range of amazing places that you must visit when you are in Rawalpindi. You can easily access all these places with our wonderful car rental services.

Ayub Park:

Ayub Park is around 45 minute away on the car from the Rawalpindi city center. This beautiful park is filled with lush green tall trees and offers amazing rides and activities for children. You can enjoy fierce wheel and pirate ship along with water slide there. It is a wonderful place for a family hangout.

Cine Gold Plex:

This is an amazing gold star cinema facility in the city and is around 35 to 40 minute away from the Rawalpindi city center. Go there with your family and friends to enjoy a movie of your choice. The cinema is wonderful and so is its ambience. You will totally love being there.


Saddar is the shopping hub of Rawalpindi. You can easily go there with your car rental service that will not only drive you to Saddar but will also be there for you to carry your shopping bags and dropping you back home.

Mei Kong:

Are you fond of Chinese Cuisine? If yes, then this is the place in Rawalpindi for you to dine in. This is the best restaurant in the city and the food quality is simply amazing. You will totally love it. Whether you want to go for dinner or lunch, Mei Kong offers an experience like no other.

Pearl Continental Hotel:

This is a five star hotel facility with luxurious rooms and tasteful food facilities. There is a swimming pool and health club that you can use by paying the daily charges and the best thing is that you are not required to be a regular member. You just pay and use the services when in town.

Jinnah Park:

Jinnah Park is like a central park facility. There you can enjoy rides for your children and along with that there is a cinema and fast food restaurant and shopping center. The park is well made with walking paths where you can enjoy a good stride. It is a great place to go on a fine evening with your friends and family when you are in Rawalpindi.

Play Land:

This is a ride park and is best to visit when you have kids with you on your holiday. Your children will totally love spending time there. You can easily reach play land with AGM Car Rentals.

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