Enjoy the Stunning City of Peshawar

Peshawar is the capital city of KPK. It is a beautiful city in the heart of the province and is the hub of its cultural and social activity. People travel to Peshawar from around the world and from within Pakistan to enjoy its mesmerizing scenic beauty, food and markets. As you book your cheap flights to Peshawar from within or outside Pakistan, expect a lot of wonderful scenery and activities coming your way.

The city of Peshawar has flourished and grown over the years. The urbanization has been horizontal and several new housing schemes and markets have emerged making the city bigger and better. Whether you are travelling to Peshawar to meet your relatives or you are travelling there to enjoy this beautiful city, in both cases you need a good commutation option so that you can tour the city in the most easily and convenient possible way.

Local transport facilities like vans and buses are unfortunately not in a very good shape. They have messed up schedules and undergo a lot of congestion. The timing of the operation of these services is not very flexible and often delayed hence, causing trouble to those who use them. If you are new to the city, availing these services becomes even harder.

Taxi services are available but they are also not very good options because they are not easily available in remote parts of the city. To avail a taxi service you need to walk to the main road. You will not be finding them easily during the rush hours and many times the drivers are not trained well and the cars are not well-conditioned.

But there is nothing to worry about as we have a brilliant option available for you if you plan travelling to the beautiful city of Peshawar. The moment you are going to this city and suppose to book your flights to Peshawar, make a call at AM G Car Rental Services and reserve a car rental facility for you. Availing the rent-a-car service is the easiest and safest possible way to tour the gorgeous city of Peshawar. You will not only be sure that you are availing a safe service but also you will be having trusted drivers and good quality cars. You are assured to have a safest vehicle with trusted chuffer, once you avail our services.

Booking a rental car facility is easy and quick. All you need to do is to make a call and give details about where should your service car meet you. Your car rental facility will pick you up from the airport and will drop you at the hotel. It will be there for you only a phone call away. This easy to use amg rent-a-car service will take you around the city and will wait for you as you go sightseeing and shopping.

Peshawar Museum:

This unique museum is housed in gorgeous Mughal gothic style building and is home to world largest gandharan art collection. This place is startling and is a must visit place when in the city. You will enjoy artefacts from ancient times which are very unique and splendid in their style. You will absolutely love them! From Buddha statues to ancient jewellery, here you will find everything.

Mahabat Khan Mosque:

This gorgeous mosque was built 1630 by the governor under the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This is a beautifully tiled mosque. The place is very serene and spiritual. Go there to enjoy the Mughal architectural finery amid tranquil surroundings.

Barra Bazaar:

This is a full of life market in Peshawar. Here you can find everything from electronics to fancy clothes at reasonable prices. You bargaining skills will come in very handy here. Also go shopping for dry fruits in Barra Market which are a specialty of the area and are the best in quality.

QissaKhawani Bazar:

This is located by the Kabuli Gate and is the ancient market of many travellers from around the world. The meaning of the name is the ‘market of story tellers.’ This is also a very historical and wonderful place to go when you are in Peshawar.

To enjoy all these and many other wonderful places in this magical city, make your travel plans to Peshawar now and book yourself a wonderful and easy to use car rental facility with our AMG Car Rental Services. Tour the city easily in the comfort of your car and enjoy as much as you can.

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