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Situated in Chitral district, Kalash Valley serves as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in the region. Crowned with tortuous mountains, fringed with tall palms, carpeted with lush moors this valley charms the world in a way no place ever could. Tourists flock here during summer times and the valley chimes its indigenous bells to greet them with traditional dance and musical festivities like; Chilimjusht (spring), Phool (September). 'The Kalash' love to play instruments like drums and flute, as their souls prone to dance; dance like mad, dance like nomadic yet belong to some place--distant. Travelers cuddle their wanderlust while dancing with locals, a sign of joy and mutual friendship, highly appreciated by natives in Kalash.

Public transport is not in a very good shape and the congestion and rush makes the case even worse. There is no fixed schedule of the buses and there are no fixed routes as well. The bus-stops are flawed and flubbed so are the buses. Drivers are not well trained, thus drive carelessly through congested roads and routes. People who live in the city and are well aware about the whereabouts can manage but those who are new to town find it very hard to adjust inside.

City is in lack of proper taxi facilitation. . You will hardly find some cabs near the markets and city centre. You will not be finding any such facility in the less crowded area. So when you travel to Multan, commutation can become a big issue for you to manage.

But there is nothing to worry about as AGM Car Rental Services are a reliable and very convenient solution to all your transport needs for your intercity travel in Multan. AGM Car Rental Services will provide you an excellent service which only a phone call away.

All you need to do is to dial a number and book a car rental for yourself which will be there for you throughout your stay in Multan. Using this Car Rental Service you can travel to anywhere and everywhere you’d like. Our rent-a-car service will allow you mental peace as you will know that you are in hands of reliable drivers who are licensed and experienced. Along with that we provide you with comfortable cars that are in perfect shape to serve you. Travelling in Multan cannot become any easier than with AGM Car Rental Services.

Whether you live in Multan or you are travelling from any other city, you can avail this service just by a matter of a phone call. Even if you are travelling from abroad, you can book a car rental in Multan for you which will pick you at your mentioned time.

With our comforting service touring the city is no issue at all. Our efficient drivers will take you wherever you want at your desired time. It is a totally hassle free and convenient yet an inexpensive way. . AGM Car Rental Services in Multan not only ensure your comfort but takes care of your safety as well.

Here is a list of some places that you must visit when you are in Multan. Our Car Rental services will take you to any of these whenever you want.

Baha-Ud-Din ZakariyaMazar:

Baha-ud-Din Zakariya was a famous saint who travelled from Bagdad to Iraq, Iran and India and finally settled in Multan during his journey of preaching Islam. He continued his teachings in Multan whilehis disciples went to all over India to spread the teachings. The Mazar – --a tomb is very beautiful and is revered by Muslims from around the globe.

Shah Rukn-E-Alam Tomb:

Shah Rukn-e-Alam is an esteemed and very well-loved Sufi saint. He was the grandson of Sheikh Baha-ud-Din Zakariya. People are more likely to travel to his tomb from all over Pakistan to pay homage. The tomb is a marvel of architectural finery with beautiful white and blue ink ceramic work on the outer side and inside. Visit to this revered place is hard to resist when in Multan.

Multan Fort:

This beautiful fort was originally 1.6 km long, but was destroyed under British rule, lately. Parts of the fort are still safe with their peculiar charm. The fort is located near the central part of the city and is also a must-visit historical attraction. You can enjoy several fine views of the city from the walls of the fort as it is located on a higher level of land. You will love its architectural style along reflecting its historical significance.

Market Area:

Multan is famous for its embroidery; you can find some amazing clothing and apparel in its small market places. You can access all of these on our car rental facilities. Go there and buy some amazing handicrafts and hand embroidered clothing. The vibrant colours and intricate designs will leave you awe--struck. Traditional Multan pottery is most famous craft of the city, and is valued around the globe. Buy some for yourself too as a souvenir on your way back.

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