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Famous as the city of lights Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan It is the only port city in the country with gorgeous harbor and fantastic beaches. It is also one of the most developed and urbanized cities in the country and rich in some lovely amenities like theme parks, shopping malls and recreational areas. Karachi is also among the top 5 low-priced cities in the world and this is one of the many reasons it attracts tourists from within and outside the country who come to Karachi for shopping sprees.

Karachi, like most of the developing cities of the world, is expanding horizontally. The distances are vast and long and the local transport fails to meet the fast paced development hence, precede congestion. As you travel to Karachi from within Pakistan or from any other country in the world as a business traveller, visitor or tourist commutation from one part of the city to another can get troublesome matter. But here we have the best and most amazing solution to this very basic problem. Car rental facilities are easily available in Karachi. These rent-a-car services provide easy booking and management. You can book your car through AMG Car Rental Services with great convenience just by making a simple phone call to the service provider.

By availing a car rental facility, you solve your transport issue in Karachi in the most cost and time effective manner. You escape the schedules of the local travelling sources and can easily manage and make your own schedule that suits your own time frame. The car rental service comes with trusted and licensed drivers. These drivers will pick you up from the airport and drop you to your hotel and will be just a call away to meet all your travelling needs.

Karachi has so many places to go and see that you will not feel bored for a second. Any amount of holiday will fall short of doing justice to this stunning city. You will totally love Karachi without a doubt. Let us guide you through some of the most wonderful places that you must visit in Karachi during your visit.


This is the tomb of the father of Pakistani nation Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This tomb is revered by all Pakistanis as it honours the man who struggled all his life for the creation of a separate homeland for Pakistanis.

Clifton Beach:

This is one of the most lively and beautiful beaches in Karachi. Stay there to enjoy long walks in the refreshing breeze. Make sand castles and indulge in the stunning sunset on this amazing beach. You will totally love it.

National Museum of Karachi:

National Museum of Karachi is one of the finest museum facilities in the country. Here you can enjoy some of the most wonderful artefacts from the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro and along with that from the pre and post partition period. You need at least 3 to 4 hours to enjoy this place thoroughly.

Karachi Zoo:

Karachi Zoo is a must-visit place if you are with your kids. You can go there to see many animals from all over Pakistan and you can take pictures inside the zoo. There are many refreshment facilities and souvenir shops inside from where you can buy some fine stuff back home.

Karachi Safari Park:

This is a splendid facility with amazing rides and vast open gardens and pathways. Walk through the serene and peaceful settings and enjoy your time to the fullest.

Sandspit Beach:

This is the beach to enjoy camel rides and swimming. The beach is lovely at sunset and is very lively and full of activity all day long.

Port Grand:

This is an amazing food and entertainment area. You can enjoy delicious cuisines here. Enjoy some precious moments with your loved ones here as you dine and enjoy together.

Chaukhandi Tombs:

These tombs are located around 25km away from the main Karachi city, you can easily access them using your rent-a-car service and it will wait for you outside as you enjoy visiting the place.


Zamzama is the posh and urban shopping spot in Karachi. Here you can find outlets from all over Pakistan and many global brands. You will find everything of your choice here. Buy as much as you want and your car rental service will be there waiting for you to drop you and your shopping bags back to the hotel. To enjoy all these and countless wonderful facilities, book your cheap flights to Karachi now and set out for a wonderful holiday. When you are in the city, solve all your commutation and transportation in the most easy, convenient and reliable manner by booking yourself a car rental facility which will take you anywhere and everywhere you want in Karachi in a safe and reliable way.

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