Plan a Long Drive to the Exotic Kalash Valley

Situated in Chitral district, Kalash Valley serves as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in the region. Crowned with tortuous mountains, fringed with tall palms, carpeted with lush moors this valley charms the world in a way no place ever could. Tourists flock here during summer times and the valley chimes its indigenous bells to greet them with traditional dance and musical festivities like; Chilimjusht (spring), Phool (September). 'The Kalash' love to play instruments like drums and flute, as their souls prone to dance; dance like mad, dance like nomadic yet belong to some place--distant. Travelers cuddle their wanderlust while dancing with locals, a sign of joy and mutual friendship, highly appreciated by natives in Kalash.

Historical Background

With many legends, Kalash history narrows down to the Greek Victorian; Alexander the Great soldiers, who stayed in this valley thus spurred the root of Greek Civilization here. 'The Kalash' are actually those people who belong to this civilization; having their own unique culture and religion. Dances and music are great source of joy here, imparting happiness and rejoice to the souls of all being present in the moment.

What To Do?

Known for its hospitality, Kalash valley provides you an opportunity to come, befriend and have delightful with natives--nourishing at-home feeling. Local cuisine and culture is a biggest feature of Chitral; encourages tourism in this part.

There are many things to do to rejoice each bit of your holiday here like mountaineering, trekking, fishing and hiking. For maximum enjoyment best time to visit this place is summer, from July through September.

How To Get To Kalash Valley?

There are direct flights to the Kalash. But going there by road is most pleasing experience as you'd get to see natural sceneries on your way. There are direct routes from both Islamabad and Peshawar. It takes about 10 hours to reach Chitral from Islamabad by road and around 7 hours from Peshawar. From Chitral it takes around two hours to reach Bumburet valley near to Kalash. Foreign tourist require special permit to get to Kalash, can be attained from the Deputy Commissioner Chitral, free of cost. To get there renting vehicles is mostly preferred by many tourists. AMG car rental is an authentic car hiring company--provided its best services and skilled drivers. It is the best solution because the drivers are trusted and licensed. We make sure that you get the car in proper and best working condition and so you will not be facing any mechanical issues. The best part is that you can book the AMG rental car online from both inside and outside the country. We can facilitate you even from the airport. You can hire AMG vehicles from your own city, by just giving a call mentioning details of your travel plan. The car will be there for you on the stand by and will take you to Kalash Valley with ultimate comfort. Let us guide you to the fabulous Kalash Valley!

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