The Safest Way to Navigate through Islamabad.

City of Pakistan and one of the most developed and well planned cities in the country as well. When you are travelling to Pakistan from United Kingdom, Islamabad should be one of the starting points to your vacation because this city is not only beautiful but also very modern with amazing facilities like hotels, recreational areas and shopping facilities. When you are on a holiday, naturally you are constrained on time and in that limited time you want to see as many places as possible.

Islamabad has a transport issue. Local travel facilities are available but they are facing congestion which can be attributed to the quick urbanization process in the area. Taxis are also run in the city but they are unavailable in some parts and along with that they might not be a very safe medium. Here we are offering a solution which will help to eradicate your transport issue when you are on your holiday to Islamabad.

AMG Car Rental is best solution to your commutation problem when you are in Islamabad. All you need to do is to call and book a rent-a-car for yourself even when you are in UK. When you will reach Islamabad your car will be there waiting for you. Car Renting is the best solution because the drivers are trusted and licensed. We make sure that you get the car in proper and best working condition and so you will not be facing any mechanical issues. Your hired car will be there for you on the stand by and will take you to and from your hotel to every place that you wish to go and the best of all reasons is that you will save a lot of time and will be able to schedule your own holiday plan without being dependent on the schedule of local buses or taxis. You can easily book a car for yourself even before you have left for Islamabad. And so when you reach the airport, the rental car will pick you up from there and drop you at your hotel and later be just a call away. Rental car services is Islamabad is definitely the best way to tour the city and that too in the most comfortable and time efficient manner. Islamabad is home to many attractions. Most of these attractions are located at a good distance from each other but are all worth visiting. With rent-a-car you can easily tour all these places in a very efficient way and you can pay your bill once you leave. This surely is the most hassle free and safe way to enjoy your holiday. Let us guide you through the attractions that are awaiting you in Islamabad.


Monal is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city located in the beautiful and lush green Margalla hills. The place is around 30 to 40 minute drive from the city centre and is easily accessible if you avail the rent-a-car service. The best time to go there is at the time of sunset when the sun is drowning in the lap of Margalla Hills and that is the time when it is almost impossible to find a taxi. Right away when car rental makes the job easier and safe!

Faisal Mosque:

Faisal Mosque is a gorgeous piece of architecture and one of the most famous and revered mosque and land mark in the country. Faisal Mosque is also at a drive of 30 minutes from the city centre and the best way to go there is with your personal car rental driver because in this way you can choose the time you wish to go and return back or head to other attractions right after visiting.

Rawal Lake:

Rawal Lake is a picturesque lake in the city. The place is ideal for live barbeque and picnic. The park is also away from the main city centre and the area gets isolated after the sunset, so the best way to go there and enjoy your time.

LokVirsa Museum:

This museum is a must visit to learn about the history and development of the social and cultural fabric in Pakistan. The place is amazing and deserves a three to four hour visit. You will love this place and most probably will get some brilliant souvenirs and post cards.

Golra Sharif:

This is a revered shrine in the country. Located at least an hour drive from the main city centre but is definitely a very interesting place to visit.

The Centaurus:

No holiday is complete without shopping and the best and central place to shop when you are in Islamabad is the Centaurus. You will love this place and the best part is that you will be able to find a range of local and international brands under one roof. There are many amazing restaurants and along with that there are gaming zones and rides. When you will come out of the mall, you will be laden with the shopping bags and the best way to deliver them back to hotel without any hassle is your rental car which will be waiting for you in the parking on your disposal. Enjoy this terrific city and its brilliant attractions easily and conveniently by booking yourself a rent-a-car via AMG Car Rental Services ,right before you departure from UK so that your holiday begins and ends in the most ideal way possible! Happy Holiday!

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