Will I be charged if I bring the vehicle back after the return time on the rental agreement?

Yes you will be charged if you bring the vehicle after the date on the rental agreement.


How old do I have to be to rent a car from AMG?

You should be 18 or above in order to rent a car from AMG and should have a valid driving license.


How can I ensure I receive the best rate available?

You can only ensure the best rates available by going through the market rates and then comparing them with us. We guarantee our rates to be the cheapest as compared to the market.


How do I determine whether to accept the various options available at the time of rental?

It all depends on where do you want to go? How many companions will go along and what is the level of comfort you require?


Does AMG accept debit cards for payment?

Yes we do.


How do I contact AMG?

You can contact AMG by:

  • Phone
  • Sending an email query
  • Visiting the website


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes you can cancel your booking but will have to pay cancelation charges if you cancel just a few hours before the delivery time of the rested vehicle.


Payment options?

  • Bank payment
  • Cash
  • Credit/debit card

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